Hacked By Zombie KSA..!

Hello EveryOne...!
We Are Here to Convey Some Message To Our Great Leaders "Syed Ali Shah Geelani,Yaseen Malik,Mirwaiz"
As we All Know About the Recent Killing Done By india in Kashmir ,We want to Ask Our Leaders, What Are they Doing? And What will there Strikes Do? Will it affect India Or poor kashmiris Who try to earn some money for their family,They taught us 1 Shaheed = 1 Strike This is the value of shaheed's blood. We Are Requesting Our leaders to stop their Dirty Politics And Stop Playing with Our blood.Enough is Enough.Atleast if they Cant bring change they have no right to ruin our lives by giving strikes,think about those who are Poor , what will their family eat.All we want to say is stop ruining our lives by ur strikes and People Are Requested to make Diffrence Between Good And Bad, Stop Following them , There Are Other way Better than strikes.

Say No To Leaders
./Zombie KSA
Kashmir Zindabad